Soft Surroundings
How to Order Online

To begin shopping, either type the 5-digit Product Number (e.g., 12345) from your catalog or a product keyword in the "Search" box. Press return or the Go button to begin your search. If an exact match appears, you will be automatically directed to the "Product Detail" page. If your search results in more than one match, you may search again or browse any subcategory. To view a product in detail, click the thumbnail photo.

You also may shop by category. First, click a category, then a subcategory. To browse additional thumbnail photos, click the page numbers (found on the lower left hand corner of your browser window).

Once you've made your color, size and quantity selection from the pull-down menus on the "Product Detail" or "QuickView" page, click Add to Shopping Bag. To continue shopping, search or browse again.

To complete your order, click Shopping Bag and follow the step-by-step instructions. When you submit your order, you will immediately receive an Internet confirmation number to confirm that your information was securely and successfully captured by our Web site.

Immediately after placing your order, you will receive an electronic receipt via e-mail. The subject of this e-mail is: "Soft Surroundings Web Site Order." For your convenience, this e-mail will again confirm that your information was successfully captured by our Web site - it will not confirm stock status or show price adjustments.

24 to 48 hours after placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation via e-mail. The subject of the e-mail is: "Soft Surroundings Order Confirmation." This e-mail will include your Order Number, which can be used to track your order online anytime. It also will confirm whether your order was successfully processed in our system, the stock status of each product, any additional charges for shipping destinations outside the contiguous U.S., and/or any price adjustments. Please print this e-mail or put it in a safe place.

Your order will have an Internet confirmation number and an Order Number. Both of these numbers reference the same order and will not cause a duplicate.