Soft Surroundings
Glossary Of Terms

Tapestry: A thick, heavy weave in which (sometimes intricate) patterns are produced by using various colors of yarn.

Tencel: "A very popular example of the bio fibers, man made from wood cellulose, Tencel is the trade marked name for Lyocell. It is soft and durable and blends well with other fibers."

Terry: Weave with looped (usually cotton) yarn. Toweling material.

Thermal Knit: Waffled knit fabric, intended to create a warm air layer against the skin, but also used in fashion.

Thread Count: Total number of yarns/threads (both directions, warp and weft) in a square inch of fabric. Applied to pure cotton sheeting as one of the factors in quality. Single ply - All of the threads in the sheeting weave (both directions, warp and weft) are single layered. Double pick (or double insertion) - Threads in one direction of the sheeting weave are double layered to add stability to the finished sheeting. Double ply - Threads in both directions of the sheeting layer are double layered to add stability and thickness to the finished sheeting. Thread count is one factor that may impact the quality of sheeting.

Throw: Small blanket used for comfort and/or decoration.

Ticking: Refers to the fabric on the outside of a mattress, pillow, featherbed, etc.

Toile: Traditional French and English prints of people and pastoral scenes or florals, usually printed in one color on a lighter background.

Tonal: Very close to or matching colors.

Tulle: A stiff, open weave mesh.

Tuscan: Having to do with Tuscany - rustic, earthy, sunshine and vineyards.

Tuscany: Rural area of Italy.

Tussah: See raw silk.

Tweed: Nubby woven fabric in a herringbone style, mainly used for cold weather wear.

Twill: Basic, large chevron weave, often used as binding/finishing tape.