Soft Surroundings
Glossary Of Terms

Raffia: Fiber of the raffia palm tree. Used as trim (fringe) or for rough woven fabric.

Rattan: The woven stems of various tropical vines, used in wickerwork and caning.

Raw Silk: Raw or Tussah silk is produced by harvesting the silk cocoons after the moth has emerged, producing very short fibers and a heavily textured, less soft fabric.

Rayon: One of the first of the wood pulp based bio fibers, soft, drapey and static free.

Rhinestone: A foilbacked, cut glass or paste stone, meant to resemble various gem stones.

Ruched: Fabric gathered and held in place at two parallel points, creating creases straight across.

Ruffled: Fabric gathered on one side, fanning out on the other.