Soft Surroundings
Glossary Of Terms

Matelassé: French word for Padded. The same weaving technique as jacquard, but using thicker spun yarns such as cotton to produce raised patterns.

Mattress, California King: 72" X 84". A fairly new mattress size, most popular on the west coast of the US. Narrower and longer than traditional (Eastern) King sized mattress. Generally Eastern King flat sheets, blankets, duvets and duvet covers will accommodate a California King mattress. Fitted sheets must be sized differently.

Mattress, Full: 54" X 75". There is also an "extra long" Full mattress, though less common. Our Full sheets are designed to fit a traditional Full sized mattress.

Mattress, King: 76" X 80". This is the traditional (Eastern) King sized mattress. See "California King" above.

Mattress, Queen: 60" X 80". There are also an Olympic Queen (wider than traditional) and a California Queen (longer than traditional) available on the market, but fairly rare. Our Queen sheets are designed to fit a traditional (Eastern) Queen sized mattress.

Mattress, Twin: 39" X 75". There is also an "extra long" Twin mattress, though less common. Our Twin sheets are designed to fit a traditional Twin sized mattress.

Mesh: Open weave sheer fabric, sometimes base for lace design.

Micro Cotton: Long staple cotton is ring spun to create greater loft and softness for the weight.

Microfiber: Very fine filament or staple fiber (synthetic), generally less than 1.0 denier per filament, used to produce lightweight, soft fibers.

Modal: Is from the bio fiber family. These are man made fibers derived from natural, organic materials. Modal is derived from the processed pulp (cellulose) of the beech tree. These fibers are known for their softness, durability, wicking properties (very absorbent and pull moisture away from the skin) and conforming to body temperature, making them very good for all seasons/climates.

Moire: Wood grain pattern is pressed or heat set on fabric for a wavy, water-like surface texture.

Mola: A reverse applique in which designs are cut from a fabric and the total piece is backed by another fabric.

Monofilament: Any yarn made of very long, fine fiber such as silk or most synthetics and biofibers.

Monogram: Initials or name applied to an object (embroidered, etched or painted).

Mother of Pearl: The shell lining of various mollusks, carved in to ornaments, jewelry or buttons. Known for its pretty, irregular sheen.

Muslin: Soft cotton weave with a homespun feeling, some irregularities in weave and fiber, often unbleached/undyed.