Soft Surroundings
Glossary Of Terms

Garment Dyed: Or "piece dyed", in which color is applied to a finished item, rather than to the unsewn fabric or unwoven yarn.

Gauze: A sheer, lightweight fabric similar to cheese cloth. May be silk, poly or cotton.

Georgette: A semi-sheer, lightweight silk or synthetic fabric with a slightly pebbled (crepe) finish.

Godet: A triangular piece of fabric inserted upward from the hem to give more fullness. This is needed when the fabric is not wide enough to meet the desired fullness of the sweep (bottom opening) of a garment.

Gossamer: Having the quality of sheerness, filminess. Ultra light weight.

Grommet: An ornamental eyelet, reinforced with metal or other sturdy material.

Grosgrain: A weave with narrow, parallel ridges. Usually applies to ribbon.

Gusset : An inset piece of fabric at a seam.