Soft Surroundings
Glossary Of Terms

Faille: A closely woven, lightly ribbed fabric with a slight sheen.

Faux: Made to look like another (usually precious) material for ornamentation. "The coated glass beads are faux pearls."

Fiber Fill: A poly or other synthetic fill used in pillows and quilting instead of cotton or down.

Fill Power: The measure of how well the down will resume its shape after being compressed (See down.).

Flange: A fabric trim applied to the outside edge of an item.

Flannel: A basic sheeting weave, finished with a heavy brushing that raises the fibers for a fuzzy surface.

Flat Welt: A small flange set in to the body of a piece, similar to a pin tuck, but may be of a different fabric.

Flax: The fibrous grasslike plant traditionally used to weave linen.

Fleece: Yarns woven through a mesh base and cut on the surface to give a furry texture. Derived from the name for a sheep's skin.

Florentine: A traditional scroll/floral pattern that originated in Florence, Italy.

Flounce: A gathered or pleated ruffle at the outer seam of a garment.

French Fold: An interior flap of fabric within a pillowcase, starting at the border hem that tucks around the pillow to keep it from slipping out of the pillowcase.