Soft Surroundings
Glossary Of Terms

Damask: Jacquard-woven monofilament fabrics using shiny and flat fibers to give the pattern a contrasting finish, traditionally in floral patterns. Reversible. Similar to brocade but flatter.

Decking: Fabric that lies under the mattress on a bedskirt.

Dobby: The flat edge and occasionally inset area of a towel or blanket.

Down: The fine under feathers of fowl, usually geese. Down is remarkably soft and resillient. It provides an insulating layer to keep out cold air. White goose down is particularly fine. Fill Power refers not to how much down is used in an item, but to the quality. It is the measure of how well the down will resume its shape after being compressed, so a small decorative pillow can have the same fill power as a king sized duvet. Anything over 500 fill power is considered a luxury down item. Down must be thoroughly cleaned and encased in a down-proof ticking to be classified as hypo-allergenic. Some people are naturally sensitive to down and need to use synthetic substitutes that mimic down's properties.

Drop: See bedskirt.

Dupioni: A silk weave using some shorter fibers for decorative irregularities (slubs) in the fabric. Also called shantung.

Duvet: A filled comforter, commonly with down filling.

Duvet Cover: An ornamental covering (completely enclosing like a sham) for a duvet.