Soft Surroundings
Glossary Of Terms

Canoodle: Canoodle lounging chair. To canoodle is to snuggle up playfully.

Capodimonte: Literally "top of the mountain", from an old legend of an Italian prince whose castle set too high in the mountains to maintain a garden. Ceramic flowers were created by artisans to mimic the beauty of nature. An Italian born ceramic technique in which individual clay pieces (petals, leaves, roping or cutwork) are hand formed and placed before the piece is fired.

Cashmere: Luxurious natural fiber made from the fleece of Kashmir goats.

Ceramic: Kiln fired clay pottery.

Chaise: A long chair, suitable for lounging.

Chaise & a Half: A wider chaise, suitable for two people.

Chambray: Fabric given an aged, vintage look by weaving white threads in one direction.

Charmeuse: A lightweight monofilament weave that is soft, smooth, drapes well and has a semi-lustrous face.

Chenille: Derived from the French word meaning caterpillar. A fabric using special yarns with pile protruding from all sides for a fuzzy texture.

Chiffon: A very lightweight fabric made with fine, hard spun threads in a plain weave. Very sheer and drapey.

Chinoiserie: A toile print of traditional asian scenes.

Chintz: Printed cotton fabric with a flat weave and a (usually) glazed finish.

Coir: Fiber from coconut shell husks.

Combed Cotton: Cotton fibers are combed before weaving for a finer finish and softer hand.

Comforter: A thickly padded bed covering, either plain (duvet) or ornamental.

Contadora: An exotic region of Latin America.

Cotton: A natural fiber taken from the cotton plant. There are many different varieties of cotton. The average length of the fiber is called the staple. A longer staple provides smoother, stronger yarn and softer fabric. Pima cotton is a common long staple variety. Both Sea Island and Egyptian cotton are considered to be the longest staple fibers. Most Egyptian cotton is no longer grown in Egypt, but refers to the variety of the plant. Combed Cotton is the process in which the fiber is combed before weaving, giving a softer, fluffier yarn.

Coverlet: A shortened bedspread that allows for the use of a bedskirt.

Crepe: A silk or synthetic fabric with a waved or pebbled texture.

Crepe de Chine: A very fine, flat woven crepe with a soft finish.

Crewel: Embroidered designs using thick (usually wool) yarn.

Crochet: A variety of "knit" fabric or lace created by looping yarn together with an open hook.

Cutwork: Cut out, decorative areas of fabric, heavily stitched to avoid fraying.