Soft Surroundings
Glossary Of Terms

Ball Fringe: Corded fringe ending in tufted pom poms.

Bamboo: The latest of the bio fibers, Bamboo (rayon made from bamboo) fiber comes from the cellulose of bamboo plants. It is a very soft yarn that blends well with other fibers. Bamboo is the most absorbent and quickest drying of this fiber group. The bamboo used is an easily renewable crop and not taken from the wild. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth.

Bateau: Boat neck - a neckline with a straight horizontal opening at front and usually back.

Batik: Originally, a hand dyeing process using wax to create intricate patterns. A print in the ethnic style of batik work.

Batiste: A fine, sometimes sheer, linen or cotton fabric. Handkerchief weave.

Battenburg: An intricate form of flat, cutwork lace.

Batting: Synthetic or natural filling in a quilted piece or pillow.

Beading: The decorative application of ornamental beads, including seed beads (small spheres), bugle beads (tubes), charlotte beads (with single facet) or any variety of novelty shapes.

Bed Cap: A coverlet with squared, fitted corners at the foot.

Bedskirt: Fabric used to cover the area from bottom of mattress to floor. May be tailored (straight fabric, with or without pleats) or gathered. "Drop" refers to the length of the fabric from mattress bottom to hem. Puddling occurs when a longer drop (usually 18" plus) is used that causes the fabric to bunch at floor level.

Bedspread: A (usually) unlined covering for the bed that reaches completely to the floor and has additional length at top to fold over bed pillows.

Beetling: Hammering fabric (usually linen) to achieve a smooth, polished finish.

Bengaline: Fabric woven not unlike taffeta, but with a slightly raised directional cord or rib, usually of blended fibers.

Berber: A fairly flat woven carpet with varying woven loop sizes and minor color variations for a textured effect.

Bias Cut: Fabric cut at a diagonal angle to enhance the drape and curve appeal.

Biofiber: Any yarns of a family made from plant cellulose that is treated chemically to produce monofilament fibers (rayon, tencel, modal, etc.).

Bleeding: Fabric losing dye when exposed to water.

Bodice: The area of a garment covering the upper torso.

Bolster Pillow: A long, often cylindrical, cushion or pillow for a bed, sofa, etc.

Bouclé: Fabric woven of a curled yarn, for a textured, "Chanel" effect.

Bouillon Fringe: Fringed trim ending in thick, twisted individual cords.

Braid: Applied trim in a braid or loop pattern.

Broad Cloth: A heavy, sturdy woven fabric, with a slightly felted surface.

Brocade: A jacquard style weave in which some thicker yarns are used for a substantial tapestry or chenille surface in some areas.

Brocante: An antique fair or flea market (French).

Brushed Cotton: Cotton fabric that has been brushed after weaving, for a soft, peached surface.

Brushed Fringe: Simple fringe ending in full, unraveled yarn at a uniform length.

Burlap: Woven jute in a basic canvas weave to an almost open weave. Textured and sturdy.

Burn-Out: A process of printing which uses chemicals, rather than color, to "burn out" or dissolve away one fiber in a cloth. Purpose is to achieve a sheer lacy & intricate design. Also used to obtain eyelets or other type patterns in a fabric.