Soft Surroundings
Glossary Of Terms

Acetate: A synthetic fiber made from wood cellulose like a bio fiber, but treated with acid to produce a strong, lightweight absorbent fabric often used in linings.

Acid Etched: Designs on or carved into glass by use of acids on the surface.

Acrylic: A synthetic fiber with the properties of very soft wool. Holds up well to machine washing.

Alpaca: Luxurious natural fiber made from the fleece of the alpaca (related to the llama).

Angora: Luxurious natural fiber made from the fleece of the angora goat or the combed soft hairs of the angora rabbit. Products sold by Soft Surroundings containing angora fiber are humanely harvested and confirmed cruelty-free.  Our angora is sourced by combing and humane shearing, never from plucking.  We use best practice standards to ensure animal welfare is always safeguarded, and we are committed to working closely with our suppliers to maintain this.

Applique: A piece of fabric, cut to shape and sewn on to a larger piece as decoration.

Arabesque: From the mideastern style - an intricate pattern or design featuring spiralling or serpentine lines.

Armoire: A large, sometimes ornate cabinet or chest.

Artisan: Made by, or having the visual appeal of the work of skilled craftsmen, using time honored methods.

Asymmetrical: Varying in length or pattern from one side to the other. Different on each side, not symmetrical.